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Image of a 32 Panel Machine stitched Finale Glider

Since Charles Goodyear made the first real football 1855, the technology of the football has come along way.
In the distant past, crude balls such as inflated pigs´ bladders were used, but balls are now designed by teams of engineers to exacting specifications
White balls were un-officially used as early as 1892.
Adidas started to make footballs in 1963 and then 1970 made the first official FIFA world cup football From the begining of early rubber bladders to the more modern butyl bladder which features in all of the Adidas range of footballs.

The new TeamSport90 range of 2008 footballs includes a strong machine stitched construction.
Adidas range of UEFA replica balls include the Finale Glider Chelsea
along with the Liverpool Glider ball make the range of replica balls unbeatable value for money.
Prices start from £4.50 for the Euro 2008 Vienna mini increasing in price to the FIFA approved Euro 2008 sala futsal ball.

How about the Euro 2008 Replique a FIFA INSPECTED: Balls passed FIFA tests on e.g. circumference,weight rebound and water absorbtion.
HAND STITCHED: This construction (polyester/cotton/PU) feature high durability and a good touch.
LATEX BLADDER: For best rebound characteristics.
NEWLY DEVELOPED PANEL LAYER SYSTEM: For softer touch and high shooting power transmission.
TRAINING BALL: High quality in combination with exceptional durability makes this ball outstanding.

The Euro 2008 Metallic is a colourful additon to the range with a BUTYL BLADDER: For best air retention.
EFFECT MATERIAL: Special mirror-like reflective surface gives the ball an outstanding look..
MACHINE STITCHED: This construction (nylon winded carcass/TPU) ensures soft touch and high durability.
Main Material 30% thermoplastic Polyurethane/60% Thermoplastic Elastomerics/10% Polyester.

Developments in soccer ball technology is continuing.  Many companies have recently come out with new high tech materials and designs for footballs.  The object is to develop the optimum football that is flight accurate, water proof, fast in flight and transfers all of your kicking force to the ball (does not absorb energy), has soft feel, and is safe to head the ball. 
Optimum soccer balls should also adhere to ball specifications given by governing bodies such as FIFA

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