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Image of a  Fingertip Replique glove.

Prior to the 1970“s goalkeeping gloves were rarely worn, but now it is extremely rare for a keeper to be seen not wearing any.
The amount of protection offered by modern gloves has increased a great deal over the years.
Spines inserted into the fingers of the glove now offer greater resistance to the finger bending back and damaging the keepers fingers.
Adidas gloves offer protection and alround grip for all weather conditions as seen here in our range of Adidas gloves.

The Finger Save Junior design is characterised by 2 different colour rotations on the left and right hand of the glove.
Fingersave technology for higher comfort and protection.
SOFT LATEX FOAM: Amazing price value ratio; foam with good grip and durability.
VENTED CUFF: Easy entry.
Main Material: 70% Latex, 15% Cotton, 15% Polyurethane.
Or the Fingertip Replique includes LATEX BACK HAND: Perfect friction in all weathers.
ROLLED FINGER/FINGERTIP: Greater foam contact between ball and glove plus cushioning and tight fit of finger tips.
SOFT LATEX FOAM: Amazing price value ratio; foam with good grip and durability.
VENTED CUFF: Easy entry.
Main Material: 63% Polyester/37% Polyurethane, 207g

The Adidas glove range is available in a choice of colours and styles.

Goalkeeper gloves are specially designed and manufactured to not only give you a better grip on the ball with modern palm technology , but also to offer maximum protection and cushioning for the goalkeeper“s fingers, palms and wrists.
Most modern keepers take several pairs along to the match to suit the playing conditions as with the UK weather you never know what amout of protection or grip is needed. 

Poor fittiing gloves can cause as much damage to your hands as wearing no gloves when it comes to the protection of your hands, wrists,fingers and thumb.Good fitting gloves will help keep your utmost performance levels while in goal.

Measure the length around your palm at it“s widest point and add an extra inch to be sure.
This size should then translate to your goalkeeping glove size.

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