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Based in Germany Uhlsport was founded in 1948 and has gone on to become one of Europes top Football Glove suppliers.
Along with this knowlege they have added other products to their range, this includes top quality footballs.
Top comeptition match balls from Uhlsport with a Patented uhlsport TRI-CONCEPT panel construction. Built and stiitched using a reinforced thread.
The Uhlsport Range includes the TCPS Stadium ball and the Themis Series Indoor Football
Our complete range of Uhlsport footballs, includes  PT5 Themis DMC 401, The ball professional teams and players play with
PT 5 Top Matchball:
Uhlsport patented PT 5 panel construction, High abrasion resistant TPU uppermaterial with microfibre non woven backing
Perfect playing, flight and bouncing characteristics, due to the new developed ball lamination technology, DMC 4.0.1 TPU bladder for best air retention.
FIFA Approved or the PT 5 Design THEMIS VERSO Football an excellent training ball with new PT5 designprint.
Soft and shiney surface PU uppermaterial, Good flight and bouncing characteristics
4-fold backing PES/CO, ACS Bladder with high air-retention and rebound
International Matchball Standard
Developments in soccer ball technology is continuing.  Many companies have recently come out with new high tech materials and designs for footballs.  The object is to develop the optimum football that is flight accurate, water proof, fast in flight and transfers all of your kicking force to the ball (does not absorb energy), has soft feel, and is safe to head the ball. 
Optimum soccer balls should also adhere to ball specifications given by governing bodies such as FIFA

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